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Milwaukee Electric Tools

Milwaukee Electric Tools uses J. D. Edwards as their accounting system and scan invoices, purchase orders, delivery notes and other images into an electronic file storage system. The problem the accounting staff were having was being able to quickly find those images when looking up invoices in J. D. Edwards. The solution built using AppConnector was simple: for each screen where images need to be retrieved, add a button that performs a search using the relevant data from the screen. Allowing customer service reps to quickly find their documents maximized the investment in the image storage solution, and provided quicker dispute resolution for accounts payable process.

”Karoras’ AppConnector is the perfect solution for our business need. The flexible integration makes it possible for our Account Payable reps to the newly received invoices side-by-side with their J. D. Edwards screen, tremendously increasing productivity and job satisfaction.”Mike Inkmann, Milwaukee Electric Tools